You should have noticed those first smells of freshly mown grass by now, as everything comes out of hibernation and starts to grow.
With our busy summer maintenance season looming it’s vital that all our Equipment and Machinery is in tip top working condition for the busy months ahead.
The right tools and equipment are an integral part of everyone’s work and Envirocare’s approach to maintaining the tools, such as ride on mowers or secateurs, has proved to be invaluable at this time of year and ensures we continue to deliver a high standard of work all year round.
Envirocare have a planned maintenance programme on plant, equipment and vehicles and it’s thanks to our full time mechanics team, Dave and Alan that everything is kept in working order so our operational teams can carry out their daily grounds maintenance duties.
As a result of our extremely hard working mechanics department, we are happy to report that all our tools, equipment and machinery have been thoroughly cleaned, serviced and tested and are ready to be put through its paces.

telescope photo