With spring right around the corner, playgrounds will soon be buzzing again with the sounds of happy, active children.   With that in mind, now’s the perfect time to assess the safety of playgrounds, how they fared over the winter, and what may be needed to prepare for heavier traffic in the coming months.

At Envirocare we offer a comprehensive approach to playground inspection, maintenance and management and we currently undertake playground inspection and maintenance on several sites across the country.  The combined expertise of our team provides a complete approach to playground safety that’s why it is important for us to be committed to the training and development of our staff.

Last month, here at head office, we carried out RPII (Register of Playground Inspectors International) Operational Playground Inspection for five members of the Envirocare team.   The training course was over 2 days and concluded with a written exam and practical assessment.  The Qualification is valid for 3 years and successful candidates will be included on the RPII register. Playground inspection involves routine, operational and annual inspections, well done Ben, Mick, Alex, Stephen and Angie!

In addition to all our grounds maintenance and garden maintenance services, we are proud to have our own play area and playground maintenance programs.  Frequent inspection of playgrounds gives reassurance that our children can play safely.

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