Envirocare operatives and staff (22 in total) took part in an eventful team building exercise at Manchester indoor paint balling arena on the 12th February 2016.

Paintballing - Red Team

The Red Team

Upon arrival at the above mentioned warehouse, everyone was  filled with trepidation at what was awaiting them.   After the safety briefing from the local Mancunian mafia, the staff felt ready for the pain and suffering they were about to receive.

They played various scenario games to ensure everyone was covered in bruises head to toe. The person who suffered the most was one of the staff, marshaling the games.  He was inexplicably shot by a Red team member on the head, to this day no one has owned up to!


Team member ready for action!

The last game saw a battle to the death until everyone had expelled all paint balls. The final two standing, saw an all Polish showdown between Mariusz and Mario, nether willing to give in!

Great day had by all, however the bruises, aches and pains in the
days to follow were something we all wanted to forget!