We take pride in what we do and the great staff we have at Envirocare – in this blog Dave Yates our Managing Director explains why training staff is a good business decision!

We’re an operational service based business so for us it’s all about having the right people, with the right skills, doing a great job for our clients.  We make sure our staff have regular refresher training on all aspects of their jobs. Training our staff,  has had, no doubt, some significant benefits for our business.









The training we give our staff definitively has improved our business performance and has led to an increase in client satisfaction year on year.  It also gives me the opportunity to future proof my business  – investing in my staff helps with staff morale and staff retention whilst at the same time future proofing our business making sure that our staff have all the skills they need to help us grow. The operational training sessions we provide facilitates improvements on work safety systems and productivity. Many of our supervisors have been promoted from operatives having grown and progressed with the business over the years. Over the coming months we’ve already scheduled in courses in tractor mowing, using chippers and a 360 digger course and will put our staff through the relevant assessment. I’ve no doubt that we’ll continue to invest in our staff – we’re committed to ensuring that we develop our staff and maintain our excellent health and safety record.