Everyone knows that first impressions count. The grounds around your business or property need to hit the mark all year round.  Your grounds need to be as clean cut and professional as your business.   That’s why we’ve put together a guide to avoiding five frequent turn-offs for your grounds:envirocare-28

1.       Lousy litter: Did you know that lots of litter can negatively affect employees, clients and customers? Luckily, it’s easy to remedy; here at Envirocare we clean hundreds of sites across the country every day, making the best of your site.

2.       Messy hedges: everything grows quickly in spring and hedges and shrubs are no exception.  They’re easy to keep looking good as long as they are trimmed regularly.

3.       Don’t get hit into the rough by clients, keep your grassed areas look neat and tidy with regular mowing.

4.       Dead heads: flowers look great when in bloom but quickly can turn into an eyesore if left too long.  We like to chop the dead heads off quickly if we can, that way the plants can put all their energy into looking blooming great with more flowers later in the year.

5.       Wilting in the face of a weed invasion? Strike back and take control of your public open spaces.  Armed with hoes and wheelbarrows, we can solve your maintenance problems and your site will soon look the part.

If you need help avoiding any or all of these turn-offs on your site please get in touch with us on 0800 028 3329, fill in our contact form here or drop us an email on info@envirocarems.com.