This summer has been one of our busiest yet with the weather helping to create perfect growing conditions for plants and weeds alike.  Whilst clients and the public enjoy the outdoors, our thoughts are turning to activities from now until Christmas so that next spring and summer are just as green and verdant.  We recommend clients plan the following activities:

  • Bulb planting: September and October is the time to complete this activity. Whether it’s daffodils or tulips, early autumn is the time to get bulbs in the ground, making sure next spring is bright and colourful.
  • Bed rejuvenation: after the summer, most planted beds need to be trimmed back and dead leaves removed. For some beds a little extra care and attention is needed, such as adding compost or mulch and bark to help condition the soil.

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  • Landscaping and re-purposing projects: autumn and winter is a great time to take on these projects, without disrupting the use of the space during spring and summer. Simple jobs such as repairing and re-laying paths, through to changing the use of areas and creating communal gardens can all add value to the end-user experience.
  • Tree works: a warm, wet summer means that tree growth has been strong. This increases the likelihood of damage to buildings and to the trees themselves from autumn and winter storms. Now is the chance to plan and schedule checks and cutting back of trees, particularly those near buildings or carparks.

Envirocare can help you plan and deliver this work countrywide, so if you want a quote please get in touch with us on or call on 0800 028 3329.