Envirocare operatives and staff (42 in total) took part in a water-based and land-based outdoor activity team building day at the Anderton Centre, Bolton on the 3rd February 2017.

The events of the day were kept as a surprise, and upon arrival everyone was filled with FullSizeRenderapprehension at what was awaiting them. Once everyone had enjoyed a nice cup of coffee/tea and a couple of slices of toast, we broke the news that the activities would include lots of mud, water, rafts and obstacle courses……haha!

After splitting the group into 4 teams, and after receiving the safety briefing from the outdoor instructors, the staff felt ready for the challenges that they were about to receive.Each team took part in a communication challenge which included various problem solving activities to earn points.
The teams were tFullSizeRender14hen challenged to racing rafted canoes (which they had to build) across Lower Rivington Reservoir and then compete in an orienteering challenge, this seemed to bring out the competitive side in quite a few members of staff especially our commercial director Dave who seemingly doesn’t like losing.

The whole team from Envirocare had a fantastic time. We have a variety of people within our team from all ages and backgrounds, the day really did have something for everyone even if we were aching the next day!