With growing evidence to suggest that exposure to natural environments can be associated with lower levels of stress and anxiety, its little wonder that often the finer details of deals and sticky negotiating points are discussed and resolved informally on the way back to the car after an important meeting.

There’s nothing more likely to raise the blood pressure though, than sloppy grounds maintenance ruining the lasting impression when you’re trying to seal the deal, so it’s important to make sure your grounds don’t trip you up.

After a long winter, a good Spring clean of your grounds is in order, with a number of tasks for your grounds maintenance company to tick off the list. At Envirocare, we believe Spring is the perfect time to:

– Clear wind-blown leaves and litter to instantly give your site a lift. Getting any remaining leaves up will also help control algae growth and remove slip hazards around the site.

– Thoroughly check for tree damage: though this is something we regularly keep an eye out for, an extra check in spring can help to identify storm damage that if left unattended can pose a risk to client, customer or employee health & safety.

– Prune some hedges and shrubs after spring flowering to help ensure that you’ll get great looking grounds this year and next, saving you money in the long run.

– Get weeding: in beds and boarders, plants have started growing, but so have the weeds. Keeping on top of these now saves hours of effort later in the year.

– Maintain plant beds: keeping commercial beds healthy and great looking is important to your site’s curb appeal. Simple tasks like raking and edging as well as weeding can have a big impact.

Here at Envirocare, we love getting stuck in with helping our clients keep commercial grounds maintained in a clean and tidy fashion. We’ve often sealed a business deal in the carpark – but then that’s not surprising given what we do!