Envirocare Race Day – Dave Challenges the Lads

December 17, 2010

At the end of November Dave took the lads for a staff day out to Trax Karting, Preston but could he maintain his reputation as Envirocare’s fastest karter?  To set the scene Dave was instantly at a disadvantage having slipped a disc at home the previous Saturday.  After two sessions at the chiropractor he deemed himself fit to race (Janine of course strongly disagreed – but that’s another story), he carefully slipped into his overalls, donned his helmet and the racing began.  Bear in mind this is not an eye witness report but reliable sources suggest there was plenty of jostling for position, spins, crashes and testosterone – the result for Dave was disappointing.  Keith Gallant came up trumps with an impressive performance; his slim build gave him the advantage as his kart glided round the track with ease.  With the promise of champagne for the winner, the guys headed home agreeing to reconvene at the Comedy Club later that evening.

The Comedy Club turned out to be a bit of a let-down but that didn’t dampen the spirit.  Keith, as promised received his champagne but it was at this point he revealed the secret of his success – Keith had made a number of secret visits to the track in the build up to the staff challenge.  His practice sessions had paid off.  Familiarity with the track and a feel for the kart gave him the edge over his Envirocare colleagues, as you can imagine this revelation received mixed reactions!  The crowd decided to make a quick exit from the Comedy Club and ended the night with a few more drinks and a dance.  A great time was had by all but the general consensus was next year we’re back at Rivington Barn for the Bavarian Night!

Jaimee decided not to race, she thought she'd give her Dad a chance

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