Painting the post box Gold near Grounds Maintenance National Office

August 02, 2012

You may have seen our blog wishing Bradley Wiggins luck for the men’s individual time trial yesterday – of course, it should go without saying that we wish all of Team GB luck, but Bradley does have a special place in the hearts of staff at the Envirocare Grounds Maintenance head office as he lives “just up t’ road from thee”! 

And just how proud of Bradley Wiggins are we now?…

Winning Gold yesterday made him the most decorated athlete in Britain and as mentioned in our last blog this has took him ahead of Sir Steve Redgrave in history – who, showing true British Sportsmanship – wore novelty sideburns in tribute to the awesome cyclist. 

So, I think we can safely say, that yes, Bradley has helped to make us very proud to be British.  I’m sure every member of staff at the Grounds Maintenance national office, gave a little sallute or should I say “doffed their (flat?) caps” as they drove past the Gold Post Box – that Chorley County Borough Council have painted in his honour outside of the Town Hall – on their way into work this morning!

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