What the property managers say…

June 21, 2016

envirocare-21 low resThis week we’ve been talking to a couple of our property management clients to find out more about the headaches they face in their jobs and how working with trusted contractors like Envirocare help ease burden.  Here’s a quick round up of our conversations:

  1. Have a plan – Wearing multiple hats while juggling many tasks to ensure that tenants are paying rent, the properties are maintained and leases runs smoothly, can be overwhelming. The property managers we spoke to all said having a clear plan of for each property and being organised means you can prioritise issues as they arise whilst making sure the routine work still gets done.
  2. Expect the unexpected – just when you think you’ve finally got your group of properties into a steady state, wham, extreme weather hits or a minor disaster strikes. Having a roll call of reliable contractors who are flexible and quick to respond can take the sting out of these events.
  3. Look for ways to save – bulk purchasing of services such as grounds maintenance across multiple sites will save money and reduce the amount of contractors you have to manage.
  4. Outsource to specialists – there are only so many hours in the day and, as much as we all like to think we are superhuman, the more work we take on, the more it becomes obvious that we can’t handle everything. Outsourcing can be especially beneficial where specific skills and equipment are required to efficiently complete an activity.
  5. Help can come from unexpected places – nipping issues in the bud keeps both tenants and residents happy, but identifying these issues early can be a challenge when managing multiple sites. Having reliable contractors such as Envirocare on site provides regular eyes and ears on the ground.  And, with rapid reporting, issues can be quickly resolved keeping everyone satisfied.

Envirocare’s grounds maintenance services for large and small portfolios frees up time for property managers to focus on their most important tasks in hand.

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